RideClean has been working with Corporate and Government fleets for over 20 years. From last-minute requests, to audit trails and purchasing departments, we make it easy for you to achieve success. 



With offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and the capability to support in most cities in Canada, RideClean offers a national service that includes bilingual capabilities. 


We maintain insurance for handling many types and value of vehicles. If you have specific insurance requirements, let us know and we can quickly and efficiently provide you with the certification required. 


We will provide you with electronic reporting that gives you detailed documentation and verifiable results every time a service is provided. All data is encrypted and cannot be modified once an inspection is complete. 

Project Management included

Vehicle Sanitization

+ Keep you employees safe and focused on what they do  best, let our vehicle sanitization experts handle the rest

+ You need your drivers and equipment on the road to achieve 100% operational capability 

+ Keep you shift changes quick and keep your vehicles on the road more 

+ When you vehicles are on the road, they are working for you

+ You can't afford to take multiple members of your team out of action if they become sick because of an infected vehicle

Vehicle Detailing


All Services Include:

+ Fully insured and licensed detailing technicians


+ Detailed electronic inspection report before and after service


+ Use of high quality, products that are designed and tested for automobile use


+ Use of PPE by detailing technicians when servicing your vehicle  


Corporate Mobile Detailing Packages

Corporate Add-Ons (Cost Per Unit)

One Time Service

+ We can support one-time requirements or on an as-needed basis.

We are here to help you.  

Ongoing Service

+ Protect your team and proactively reduce threats of infection


+ Dedicated RideClean team and account manager who are there to help you succeed with your ongoing objectives


+ Priority Service - Rush Charges waived 


Trusted by more Automotive Manufactures than any other Company

Security credentials, including background checks for RideClean Team

Dedicated, experienced team with an average of 6 years of experience

Thousands of vehicles serviced, including concept, prototype and high-value vehicles


“My kudos to you guys. We couldn’t have done it without your dedication and focus. Thanks for your hard work.” 

Adam Kostanowicz

Volvo Canada


5218 Everest Drive, 

Mississauga, ON L4W 2R4



Division of Integrated Automotive Experience